North Korean weapons seized on the way to Iran

Posted on August 28, 2009


The United Arab Emirates seized a ship carrying weapons made by North Korea that were on their way to Iran. The weapons, disguised as oil equipment, includes rocket launchers, detonators, and munitions for rocket-propelled grenades (Gee, you think Iran would be using that stuff against us in Iraq?) This is quite obviously a huge breach of the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea, and it doesn’t make Iran look all that great either.

However, I’m sure both nations will just receive a strongly worded warning from the international body before they go about their business. Can’t get too tough with them, now can we? Why, that make them walk away from diplomacy! I don’t know what tougher sanctions you could impose on the two nations short of blockading them, but between nuclear tests, missile launches, and now this, it’s clear these two nations pose no mere idle threat.

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Posted in: News