The finger that was lost to the health care reform debate

Posted on September 3, 2009


By now, you have undoubtedly heard the bizarre tale of William Rice, who showed up at a Thousand Oaks, CA health care reform protest rally and ended up with his pinky finger bitten off by a counter-protester. Rice wasn’t able to have his finger re-attached, which is undoubtedly more than what he bargained for when he dropped by the protest on a whim. I bet he wishes he kept on driving at this point, though he joked with Neil Cavuto about having to take different piano lessons.

Now, I could take the low road and unfairly blame all proponents of health care reform as bloodthirsty zombie cannibals. However, I’ll refrain, since had the ideologies of the biter and bitee been switched, I am quite sure the left would never paint the opposition with so broad a brush. Now when have they ever done that?

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Posted in: News, Politics