ACORN: Helping pimps and underage prostitutes defraud tax laws

Posted on September 10, 2009



In a shocking undercover expose by James O’Keefe, ACORN employees in Baltimore are caught on tape finding ways to get a prostitute a phony house loan and claim underage prostitutes as dependents. The video is 18 minutes long and exists in 2 parts on the BigGovernment website, but it is well worth watching in its entirety.

I’m not sure how you spin this or defend any of this. The ACORN tax specialist determines that the hooker class herself as a “performance artist”, and another ACORN worker tells her to call the underage girls being shipped over from El Salvador as “exchange students” or relatives as the tax specialist suggests, before helpfully suggesting that they “don’t even exist.” The undercover reporters repeatedly talked about prostitution and the underage girls, and none of it fazed the ACORN workers in the least. The matter of fact way the two of them go about figuring out the best way to get a home loan, file fraudulent taxes, and basically aid a criminal enterprise is downright disturbing.

Perhaps you could claim that these are just two people and in no way indicative of the way ACORN operates. I beg to differ. The first ACORN worker, after hearing the story of prostitution, goes to get the tax specialist saying, “Don’t worry, she’s good.” To me, that shows they’ve seen these shady situations before and have experience getting them what they need. In addition, on the almost nonexistent chance that these two acted alone, what kind of organizational atmosphere exists that allows people to feel comfortable in so brazenly enabling crime and tax fraud?

ACORN is not a clean organization, and its voting divisions have been under investigation in several states. That it receives taxpayer funds is an absoluteĀ disgrace, and that it stands to gain even more money under the stimulus package borders on the criminal. As a national entity with tendrils in every state of America, I wonder if Congress and the FBI shouldn’t begin an earnest investigation of the true motives and methods of ACORN.

Oh, wait, what am I talking about? Attorney General Eric Holder will never go for that. He’s got CIA employees to fry instead.

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