Gallup: 80% are OK with current health care

Posted on September 23, 2009


Gallup has another interesting poll that illustrates the perceptions of the public regarding their own health care quality and costs and reveals the core reason why Americans are skeptical of the current health care plan (Heads up from Hot Air). The poll finds that 80% of Americans are either satisfied or very satisfied with their current level of health care, and 61% are satisfied with their health care costs. The costs of health care are what’s bothering Americans, yet a plurality (42%) believe they’d get worse under health care reform. Here are some relevant graphs from the article:



What the survey reveals is yet another fundamental disconnect between the American people and Washington. There isn’t a vast and sweeping majority who want the current system upended and overhauled – most recognize the need for reform but are mostly comfortable with their own health care. The government’s disproportionately heavy-handed approach isn’t what the people want, and no matter how much we’re lectured how a public option (which the left views as a compromise on their true Holy Grail of a single payer) is the only way to go, it doesn’t change the fact that the government solution doesn’t have the urgency of support like many claim.

The most interesting part of the survey is that even a majority of the uninsured, while obviously worried about cost, are quite satisfied with the level of care they’re receiving. The American people don’t want the current system blown up, and skepticism about costs is what’s driving the opposition to the current health care proposals. It isn’t racism, it isn’t those evil teabaggers, it’s just the overriding opinion of a majority of the American voting populace. Congress can either modify its approach to more closely appeal to its constituents, or it can ram through a public option on some ideological or moral basis that may make them feel good about themselves but will run contrary to the wishes of most of us out here in regular America.

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