Disgrace: ACORN sues undercover journalists

Posted on September 25, 2009


After a series of videos that showcased ACORN employees in four cities giving tax advice and other aid to undercover journalists posing as a pimp and prostitute interested in starting an underage brothel, ACORN has tied the knot on its own nooseit has sued the two under-30 journalists involved in the sting, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe,  and the man who owns the website that aired the videos, Andrew Breitbart.

It’s a despicable move that flies in the face of a free press and completely contradicts ACORN CEO’s Bertha Lewis’ supposed thankfulness for the exposure of these “few bad apples” in her organization – a point that Breitbart also notes in an appearance on O’Reilly. It’s also a fairly dumb one as it will bring more attention to the trial and the case that led up to it, and ACORN doesn’t seem to have a fairly strong case, even by forgoing the defamation route and using some odd wiretapping complaint that Leon Wolf at RedState dispenses with rather handily.

Is there anyone who can defend persecuting those who pointed out your previously indefensible foibles, documented on multiple locations in multiple cities? Is ACORN really so arrogant to think that they can shut down any opposition through thuggish tactics like this? Thuggish tactics and shakedowns, however, appear to be their MO, and Bertha Lewis must be living in a dream world if she thinks she’s righteous in doing this.

Hannah Giles has a defense fund set up, which I’m sure will be accompanied soon by one for James O’Keefe. It’s disgusting that these two have to defend themselves against a huge national organization whose only goal is retribution for embarrassment and Congressional removal of tax dollars. I’m not sure how any but the most blindly partisan can continue to defend these shakedown artists or to root for them to win against O’Keefe and Giles. I’ll be pulling for those two to stand up for the simple pursuit of truth against an organization determined to squash it and punish it.

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Posted in: Politics