Empire State Building honors Communist Revolution

Posted on October 1, 2009


Empire State Building China

The Empire State Building has often used the lights on the top floors to commemorate certain days or occasions, but the most recent event has taken many by surprise and angered quite a few. On Wednesday, the top of the New York City landmark was illuminated in yellow and red to celebrate – get this – the 60th anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China. Building manager Joseph Bellina and Chinese Consul General Peng Keyu held a cute little lobby ceremony celebrating the relationship between their two peoples while outside supporters of Tibet held a protest. New York Congressmen of both parties expressed disgust for the display.

China is a country with a rich culture and a long history of several millenia, and it’s one thing to celebrate that culture and heritage. It’s another thing entirely to specifically celebrate a Chinese political movement 60 years old with questionable records on human rights and freedom. But surely the Chinese Communist movement has done so much worth celebrating here in this country! Consider these few praiseworthy moments in the history of Communist China:

  • Tiananmen Square
  • The occupation of Tibet
  • The Great Leap Forward, where 20-30 million may have died from famine
  • The Chinese Cultural Revolution
  • Chinese support for North Korea and North Vietnam during America’s conflicts with them
  • The persecution of Falun Gong and Christian missionaries
  • Restrictions on political speech and one-party rule

Never mind the fact that we’re losing manufacturing jobs to them while running up a massive trade deficit. But, oh yeah, they put on a good Olympics last year, so light ’em up, boys!

Sorry, but there’s nothing worth celebrating about the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Revolution. The folks who thought of this should be ashamed.

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