Husted vindicated by Ohio Supreme Court

Posted on October 6, 2009


Ohio State Senator Jon Husted was vindicated by the Ohio Supreme Court today after it ruled 7-0 that he was indeed a resident of Kettering and is thus able to vote there. The ruling is a smackdown of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner who ruled a few weeks ago that Husted wasn’t eligible to vote in Montgomery County. Partisan politics have taken a front and center role in the battle as Brunner is a Democrat running for the US Senate and Husted is a Republican running for Brunner’s position. The ruling still hasn’t quelled the partisan uproar as the Ohio Supreme Court is composed of seven Republicans, leading some on the left to cry favoritism.

I was apathetically tepid in my response in Brunner’s ruling, and I’m left with the same feeling today. Putting on a purely partisan hat, I guess it’s good that someone from “our side” won his day in court, but the question shouldn’t have been allowed to be an issue in the first place. And really, if the letters behind the names were switched, how vastly different would the attitudes of so many pundits be?

I admit not being intimately familiar with the details of Husted’s case, but I do know that the Dayton Daily News ran an investigative report on his supposed lack of residency. However, if he still falls within the legal residency requirements, then I’m all for upholding the rule of law. It’s a convoluted tale of state-level party politics that is important on a tactical level for the GOP, but it’s a battle I can’t muster up enough gumption to argue one way or another.

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Posted in: Politics