The hypocrisy of Code Pink

Posted on October 7, 2009


Code Pink is now apparently rethinking its opposition to the war in Afghanistan and its demand for immediate pullout of troops. Of course, they haven’t officially dropped their opposition, but they have been making statements about shifting their focus and being “more flexible” in a pullout timeline. This is supposedly in reaction to the arguments of Afghan women’s groups who have to deal with the reality of American military strategy and think that demilitarization is a bad idea.

Let’s be honest about the real reason for this newfound flexibility: Code Pink now has someone they like in the White House. The arguments for a troop presence in Afghanistan are the same as they were 10 months ago, but it’s only now with that evil Bush out of office that Code Pink can find it within themselves to listen to other viewpoints on the subject. And, as Allahpundit points out, had McCain won, does anyone honestly think that Code Pink would have this same toning down of their rhetoric?

Of course there are legitimate and principled reasons to be against war, and I’m not lumping many with real concerns about Iraq and Afghanistan in with Code Pink. But let’s be real – for a lot of the committed and professional protest groups like Code Pink, the opposition had more to do with the personality in the White House and the policy just provided a convenient cover. The “rethinking” underway doesn’t do anything to convince me otherwise, and it exposes many of these hardcore protestors as nothing more than partisan-minded and ideologically driven hypocrites.

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Posted in: News, Politics