The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 20 years later

Posted on November 9, 2009


Twenty years ago today, a decades-long symbol of division and oppression came crashing down. The roar of its falling stones was felt across Europe, across Russia, across America, across the entirety of the whole of planet Earth. It signalled the beginning of the end of Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe and sounded a knell of freedom and hope that is still moving to this day.

A flashback to that time:

And who can forget President Reagan’s admonition to “tear down this wall”?

We all still share the same thrill of victory that the German people felt twenty years ago. That day was a day that belonged not to one political party or nation, but to all of mankind. Freedom was on the march that year throughout all of Eastern Europe, but no event so encapsulated it as the overjoyed Germans standing astride a barrier that had divided their city for so long – and tearing it down with their bare hands.

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