EPA to regulate CO2 as Dem Sen cautions Pres

Posted on December 7, 2009


Interesting news on the climate change issue on several fronts today. Most notable is the revelation that the EPA will as early as Monday declare carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant, opening up a pathway for the federal agency to massive regulate many industries under the guise of pollution control. The move would allow the Obama administration to circumvent the legislative process and forego the need for Congress to pass any sort of cap-and-trade legislation.

In the meantime, Democratic Sen. James Webb sent the White House a cautionary letter on the eve of the President’s trip to the Copenhagen summit on climate change. Sen. Webb cautioned President Obama against making any unilateral agreements at Copenhagen, reminding him that any commitment undertaken by the United States must be in a treaty approved by the Senate or in legislation passed by Congress (looks like Sen. Webb should send a reminding letter to the EPA as well). That the administration is getting warning signs from one of its moderate members is something worth noting – it may be that Sen. Webb is only looking out for his own electoral hide, with cratering belief in man-made global warming, it’s quite likely that he sees the writing on the wall.

The biggest revelation of all came yesterday when the UK Met Office ( Britain’s weather authority) announced it would need three years to review and recompile 160 years worth of data in an attempt to confirm the conclusions of the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit which were called into question a few weeks ago. Remarkably, the British government is opposing the review on the basis that it will give ammunition to climate change skeptics. So much for governmental belief in the scientific process, eh?

It all adds up to a picture of government entities worried that they’ll soon lose the ability to use man-made global warming as an impetus to enact certain agenda items. In lieu of the deliberations of science and proper inquiry, it’s full speed ahead before any more PR damage is inflicted and before anyone can do anything about it. Seems to be the way things work these days, doesn’t it?

Bottom line: the EPA is way out of line with what seems to be a power grab in the face of growing concern over past climate data. I’d like to think that someone would stop it, but responsibility seems to be in an even shorter supply than usual in our nation’s capital.

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