Farewell 2009, greetings 2010

Posted on December 31, 2009


Another year has passed us yet again as time continues its eternal and unchanging march toward the uncertain future. Others have no doubt recounted better than I all of the notable events of the last year in politics, sports, and world history. Indeed, the transition is made even more memorable this January as we leave behind the first decade of the 21st century.

Looking back where I was on New Year’s in 2000, my life and the world are completely different. No one can say for certain what the next 12 months or the next 10 years will bring, and no one knows entirely in what state they’ll greet the end of the second decade of the 21st century. All we can do is make note of the flight of the years and make the best of what time we have on this good Earth.

I hope all of you have a fun and safe New Year’s celebration, and I hope you have a prosperous 2010. May many blessings for all of us be found this coming year.

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