Depressing graph if you like the private sector

Posted on January 6, 2010


From Business Insider via Hot Air. You can’t say it any plainer than this – we have gone from a country that makes things to a country that regulates things. I know, I know, we’re a service-based economy now, right? Any service needs hard and tangible goods and assets to function, and the ratio of the people who make them to the people who staff our government is now slightly more in favor of the Fed.

You can cheer globalization or blast the merits of free trade, but one thing is certain – this graph is depressing for those of us who believe that a vibrant private sector is crucial to the functioning of a free republic. Blame who you want (and blame is plentiful on both sides of the political aisle) – the trend is bad either way and shows no sign of reversing, especially under our current leadership. The question we must now ask ourselves … is an ever-growing government and an ever-squeezing private workforce an acceptable way for our nation to operate in the decades ahead? My vote is no.

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Posted in: News, Politics