Obama okay with health plan tax

Posted on January 6, 2010


The Associated Press is reporting that at a meeting with Congressional Democrats on Wednesday, President Obama expressed his support for a plan that would tax high-end insurance plans to help pay for the massive cost of the health care reform programs. His support will prove tricky for House Democrats who opposed the measures on behalf of labor unions whose so-called “Cadillac plans” some members took over an increase in wages.

Remind me again – who was that candidate that mocked John McCain’s plan to tax health care plans? Forget about that now, though – it was horrible for a campaign opponent to suggest but perfectly acceptable as a way to finance an ever-growing government spending sinkhole. Taxes of one sort or another will have to go up to offset the mammoth costs that will be incurred by the health care reform proposals, but it seems counterintuitive for an effort whose goal is to decrease health costs to tack on additional costs in the form of taxes.

I guess you can throw that campaign soundbite down the memory hole along with televising the health care negotiations on C-SPAN. There’s an agenda to pass, and never mind what we said or promised you before to get your vote.

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Posted in: News, Politics