Dem Rep doesn’t “worry about the Constitution”

Posted on April 5, 2010


Rep. Phil Hare is the offending Democratic Congressman in the above clip, who shrugs off a question about the constitutionality of the individual mandate with this: “I don’t worry about the Constitution.” Jackpot is right, as the videographer notes.

This is a great video on a couple of levels. First, it’s somewhat obvious that despite his protestations, Rep. Hare didn’t read the entire bill, and certainly not three times, evidenced by his complete failure to answer how long it took him to read it. The dismissal of constitutional concerns is quite amusing and fairly indicative of the attitude of a lot of Congress.

But what is most important to me is the disconnect between Hare’s assertion that he wants everyone to have health insurance and the simple fact that the CBO doesn’t project that happening at all. When it comes to the uninsured, we don’t get to covering  32 million of them until 2019 – and even here, the figure comes from the difference in the projection of uninsured with and without the bill. The CBO projection estimates that 24 million people will still be uninsured by the time the magic 32 million number is reached nine years from now.

Hare’s understanding of the bill =fail. Congratulations are due, though – he’s just become the face of the Democratic Party on health care.

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Posted in: News, Politics