Happy Tax Day

Posted on April 15, 2010


As happy as it can be, I suppose. There are still two more hours left in April 15th, so in theory you have a bit more time to get your return in without incurring a penalty – even more if you happen to live in Hawaii! (Just another reason, by the way, why it’s OK to be aggressively jealous of the good folks of Honolulu.)

For 47% of us, this is just another day. Those are the folks who don’t pay anything in income tax, including a few who make a profit from it. Indeed, someone from my high school days just proudly posted on Facebook that he’d be getting a check from the government after paying nothing. If there was a dislike button, I would have clicked it. Boy, you sure are sticking it to the man, aren’t ya, buddy?

Everybody knows some taxes are necessary, and only the most hardcore anti-tax activists think we should get rid of all taxes and all government spending. Where the recent anger and frustration come into play is the growing inability of the federal government to live within its means, the increased nagging of the middle and upper classes that they’re still not paying their fair share, and the increasing inevitability of higher taxes and newer taxes like the VAT to pay for an ever-enlarging federal bureaucracy that is producing ever more diminishing returns on our tax money.

Or maybe it’s just racism! That’s a much easier answer, and along with blowing off fiscal concerns as selfishness allows a good many to ignore valid concerns raised by common citizens.

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Posted in: Humor, Politics