Sestak has a good chance of beating Specter in PA

Posted on May 11, 2010


Greg Sargent is reporting that a third poll in the last week will come out tomorrow putting Joe Sestak ahead of Republican turncoat Arlen Specter by a five-point margin in the Democratic primary for Senator from Pennsylvania. The director of the poll put the crux of the race quite simply – Democrat voters haven’t voted for Specter in the last 29 years. Why would they start now?

Specter may still pull out a victory, but things are looking rather anemic for him at present. He switched parties last year to help give Democrats a supermajority in a move that was proclaimed far and wide to be indicative about how intolerant Republicans were toward moderates. In reality, Specter’s switch had nothing to do with being moderate and everything to do with political survival. Polling showed he would get hosed by Republican challenger Pat Toomey if he stayed with the GOP, so he jumped ship not out of any principled differences but merely to save his own hide.

So it’s now deliciously ironic that he now finds himself in the fight of his life after a move that was supposed to extend his political career. And if he should win, Toomey still presents a monumental challenge in the general election. Specter’s troubles should be illustrative toward other party-jumpers like Charlie Crist who are motivated not by political differences but by concerns over their own careers.

Sorry, Mr. Specter, I can’t feel sorry for you. Democrats are as unlikely as Republicans to trust someone who puts their own ambitions so nakedly in front of any political principles they claim to hold. A lot of people saw this coming, and it may turn out that what goes around comes around after all.

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Posted in: News, Politics