Wellsy’s World is back from the dead

Posted on August 22, 2010


A quick scan of the Wellsy’s World homepage shows the awful truth – the last post is on May 17th, nearly three months ago.

Is there a good reason for the absence, an absolute eon in the political blogging world? None that would satisfy anyone, I’m sure, except for a few items that are a reality.

While many look at summer as a slow news season, there has certainly been no dearth of compelling stories that have surfaced over the last few months. Whether it’s the Ground Zero mosque, Shirley Sherrod, financial regulation, the end of combat operations in Iraq, and the general decline in support for the Democratic agenda, no one can claim that there is nothing to talk about.

Here’s the problem which I myself run into: this is a one-man operation done entirely for free. I work a full -time job with a wife and 3-year-old daughter at home. No matter how much I’d like to throw up five, six, ten posts a day, my financial and personal reality dictates that I have only a few hours at night to write posts. In a very real sense, this blog is a labor completely of love, and as such is driven solely by my level of passion for it.

Never have I unplugged from the news cycle or retreated from following politics and the news of the day. At some point, a level of burnout sets in, particularly when you don’t want to spend all of your precious free time on a middling political blog that gives you little in the way of return in terms of influence or finance.

So why come back at all then? Why not just let Wellsy’s World remain un-updated and let it fade into the wasteland that is the Internet graveyard? The reason is the same that I started this blog in the first place – we are living in momentous and consequential times, and what goes in Washington and around the planet moves and affects me in ways that require me to react and comment.

So the blog is back. I’ve no doubt pissed away what meager readership I had three months ago – so be it. The alternative would have been to hammer out business-like news excerpts and get burnt out later rather than sooner. In any event, the feeling has passed, and if the long break makes me less credible as a blogger, then so be that as well. A blog of this nature can only be fueled by the drive of its proprietor, and after watching everything that has transpired over the summer, it’s time to start speaking out again.

A few things – I have dropped the somewhat adolescent moniker “Wellsy” and will now be publishing under my own name, Jonathan Wells. My guest posts at The Moderate Voice were authored this way, so it only makes sense to stand behind everything I write here. There’s nothing I would say here that I wouldn’t say in “real life,” so there’s no need to hide behind a pseudonym – other than for safety reasons, of course, and I don’t expect those to be an issue.

To all readers old and new, I thank you again for taking the time to drop in and read a post or two. And I’d renew my exhortation to react to what you read here, agree or disagree. Part of politics – indeed part of being human – is dialog and discussion. I have opinions, and I don’t begrudge others who have different ones.

How everything plays out from here, we’ll just have to see. All I know to do is write from my brain, heart, and experience and let everything else fall where it will. I hope you’ll all stick around for the ride.

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