Boehner gets feisty over Obamanomics

Posted on August 24, 2010


House Minority Leader John Boehner got a little spicy today as he called for Obama to accept the resignations of all of his economic team, including Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and economic advisor Larry Summers. Boehner, clearly seeing he stands a very good chance of getting the Speaker’s gavel come November, said the midterms would be a referendum on Obama’s economic policy and said the President needs to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Predictably, the response was negative, with Vice President Biden essentially calling Boehner stupid. He said yada, yada, “Americans have seen this movie before,” Party of No, etc. I suppose it some universe it’s logical to assume that if the economy goes south while a particular party has the Presidency (don’t forget who controlled Congress for two years before the crash of 2008) then they should be in the minority for a thousand years or at least until the Earth blows up in 2012.

Boehner may be aiming a bit high in calling for the heads of Geithner and Summers, but bringing it up puts a spotlight on the poor economic policy record of this administration, which can be summed up in two words: Failed Stimulus. (Or Recovery Summer, or, if you count words like Biden counts letters, Jobs Created or Saved). In other words, it’s a smart political move even if Boehner catches flak for it. And anyway, Biden and the rest of the administration should be less worried about what Boehner has to say and more concerned with why all their smart-power government spending hasn’t done anything to set us back on a path to recovery.

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Posted in: News, Politics