Clyburn: GOP will issue birther subpoenas

Posted on September 27, 2010


In an election cycle where the Democrats find themselves unable to run on their fabulous record of legislative accomplishments, name-calling and mud-slinging has become the SOP of this campaign, which seems to be one of the more uglier in recent memory. Wading into the fray is Democratic House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who warned that a GOP majority would grind Congress to a halt investigating President Obama’s birth status:

“The White House will be full-time responding to subpoenas about where the president may or may not have been born, whether his mother and father were ever married, and whether his wife’s family is from Georgetown or Sampit,” Clyburn said in an interview published Monday on, an African-American news website. “That will define the next two years of the president’s administration.

Issa has promised to ramp up his probes into the Obama administration, but his spokesman said he would not pursue the “birther” controversy and that the congressman has not spoken about the issue.

“The Democratic Caucus doesn’t take Jim Clyburn seriously – Americans shouldn’t take his ridiculous claims seriously either,” said Issa spokesman Kurt Bardella in an e-mail. Bardella noted that Issa has already released his “blueprint for oversight” that focuses on investigating the expansion of government.

Clyburn is grasping at some serious straws here if he thinks the most pressing thing on the minds of Republicans, conservatives, and independents is finding out whether that birth certificate is real. On the other hand, like many on the left, he has most likely bought into the notion that opposition to the President cannot be rooted in anything other than racism and fevered conspiracy theory, so of course Republicans would waste a majority hunting after such nonsense. Then they’d bring back slavery, of course!

The GOP isn’t going to waste any time with this crap. Darrell Issa, who would take the reins of the House Oversight Committee, has indeed said he would issue a lot of subpoenas, but on issues like the auto bailout, TARP, and health care reform kickbacks, not on Alex Jones tinfoil-hat stuff like this.

Democrats know they cannot run on their record of achievement nor on the promise of an improving national climate if the nation rewards them with a continuous majority. Thus, they are reduced to throwing around the word “extremist” like it’s going out of style and resorting to ridiculous scare tactics like this. I don’t think this is going to work – the voters are too engaged now to fall for rhetorical overreaching like this.

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