GOP takes control of House with pickup of at least 60 seats

Posted on November 3, 2010


In the largest wave since 1948, Republicans successfully flipped at least 60 Democratic Congressional seats to coast to a healthy majority in the House of Representatives. Several races are still up in the air at this late hour, but Republicans more than surpassed the 39 seats they needed to assume control.

John Boehner of Ohio is likely to be the next Speaker of the House, and he gave an emotional victory speech last night, saying that this really isn’t the time for celebration as there’s too much work to be done. He got a little teary-eyed when talking about his personal path toward political prominence, a bit of welcome humanity for which the bitter left will surely mock him.

House control means budgetary power, so Republicans will have chances to rein in the growth and size of government as well as defund executive agencies that are underperforming or redundant. With Democrats retaining power in the Senate, and with President Obama’s veto pen hanging over Washington, it would be unrealistic to expect the Republicans to immediately effect massive changes.

But make no mistake, this is a massive surge that ought to send a big message to Democrats and the Obama administration. I don’t foresee a Clintonian triangulation, merely a doubling down on policies and beliefs that earned them the animus of the electorate in the first place. I wish the administration would finally get the hint – but I fear they’re too entrenched in their ideology to do so.

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