Kasich squeaks out victory as OH turns red

Posted on November 3, 2010


It was a close victory, but John Kasich has edged out incumbent Ted Strickland in the battle for Ohio’s governorship. This was a closely watched race in a swing state and bellwether indicator of political shifts. I thought that Kasich would pull this out, but the race had tightened so considerably in the last week or so that I had begun to entertain doubts about the outcome.

There’s little doubt about the outcome of Ohio’s Congressional races. With the exception of the northeast corner (Cleveland and surrounds), the rest of Ohio’s Congressmen either stayed red or turned red. Zach Space – gone. Steve Dreihaus – gone. John Boccieri – gone. Take a look at what Ohio looks like now:

Holding onto the Senate (which most expected) is cute – but ignore these results at your own peril. If the Buckeye State swings this dramatically back into the GOP column, you may want to rethink your approach. You’ve had enough opportunities up to now, but this is a dose of reality that spin can’t overcome.

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