Elizabeth Edwards passes from cancer

Posted on December 7, 2010


Elizabeth Edwards, 61-year-old lawyer and wife to two-time Democratic candidate John Edwards, has lost her battle with breast cancer, as the Raleigh News and Observer reports today. No matter your politics, she came off as a strong and intelligent politician’s wife, not afraid to speak her mind or wither under criticism.

The last few years had been especially tough for her, with her cancer flaring out of remission and with the unbearable drama played out in the press of a marriage falling apart under John’s infidelity. She deserved far better than to watch her husband’s cavorting and lying over his love child with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter.

She put up a brave front for the cameras, and battled mightily against a disease that claims too many. I hope she’s not remembered for the failings of her husband, but for her own strengths and accomplishments.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth Edwards.

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