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The author of Wellsy’s World is rocking Twitter

July 4, 2012


Hey folks, I realize that this place has been sort of a ghost blog for a while, mainly due to distractions and the ratio of increasing time to keep up with a quality blog and the seeminly decreasing rate of any kind of return on the investment. I hope you don’t think, however, that I’ve […]

Politics and #OWS on Facebook

October 27, 2011


Yesterday I read a 60-comment debate on Facebook about the Occupy Wall Street protests. Actually calling it a debate would be rather generous – it was mostly “teabagger” this and “Fox News that.” The whole thing was started with a someone posting a panel of Captain America saying to stand your ground and captioning the […]

Thoughts …

October 25, 2011


So … howya doin’? Last time we spoke was April, and judging from this blog, you’d think I was so mad over the Shuttle not coming to Dayton that it took me 6 months to get over the pain of NASA’s rejection. Never fear, it’s not quite that bad – though to say blogging’s been […]

Crisis of relevancy for Wellsy’s World

March 24, 2011


So it’s been four months since my last post, and this is the first post of 2011. To say that I have been unmotivated to blog would be a massive understatement – indeed, it’s almost a slog to write this post. Still, I feel like I ought to write down what’s going through my head right […]

September 11th, 2001

September 11, 2010


Nine years ago, a hole was torn in this country that has yet to be healed. God rest the souls of those that died that day and those that have died in the years since. Do not forget.

Wellsy’s World is back from the dead

August 22, 2010


A quick scan of the Wellsy’s World homepage shows the awful truth – the last post is on May 17th, nearly three months ago. Is there a good reason for the absence, an absolute eon in the political blogging world? None that would satisfy anyone, I’m sure, except for a few items that are a […]

Wellsy’s World gets 100K, baby!

April 29, 2010


Another milestone in the history of this blog has been reached with the attainment sometime today of 100,000 hits – according to WordPress’ hit counter, anyway. Sitemeter is a bit more generous, logging about 72,600 hits plus the 36,600 hits I had before getting the Sitemeter account. Either way, it’s a barrier that seemed unattainable in late […]