Shuttle decision coming tomorrow

April 11, 2011



According to the Dayton Daily News, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will make a decision tonight regarding the final resting place of the soon-to-be-retired space shuttles. The announcement will come tomorrow, and will be watched in the many cities that have lobbied for one of the shuttles, including my hometown of Dayton, OH. Dayton is home […]

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Shocking Japanese tsunami footage

April 9, 2011



This video is a couple of weeks old, but it still sticks with me. A brave amateur videographer stands atop a building in the coastal city of Kesennuma as the ocean literally consumes everything around: When we think of a tsunami, images of towering walls of water breaking across the surf spring to mind. What […]

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Gov’t shutdown thwarted by last-minute deal

April 8, 2011



As the minutes ticked closer to a partial government shutdown at midnight on Friday, Congressional negotiators were continuing to work to get a deal. With little more than an hour to go, it appears that a compromise has been struck, resulting in $39 billion in cuts for FY 2011 and a deal to vote on […]

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Left gets punked in WI judicial election

April 7, 2011



After all the spectacle and ugliness surrounding the Wisconsin collective bargaining battle, the left transferred their rage over being stymied by Gov. Scott Walker toward a judicial election over a spot on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Incumbent David Prosser, who leans conservative, was being challenged by JoAnne Kloppenburg, the Democrats’ choice. The stakes are control of […]

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Ohio House passes Senate Bill 5

March 30, 2011



Another hurdle was surmounted in the saga of the controversial Ohio Senate Bill 5 as the Ohio House passed a modified version of the public employee union reform bill that passed the Ohio Senate a few weeks ago. The Senate now has to vote on the changes, and it’s widely expected to pass there without too […]

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Former Rep. Tony Hall leading anti-budget cut fast

March 28, 2011



A former local Congressman is coming back into the spotlight with his method of protesting proposed Republican spending cuts. After representing Dayton and Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District for 22 years, former Rep. Tony Hall is leading several anti-hunger organizations in a fast that begins tomorrow to register his anger at budget cuts that target foreign […]

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Dems benefit more from big donors of the last 20 years

March 27, 2011



Open Secrets, studying FEC data, has compiled a list of the top 140 donors since 1989, and the rundown should serve as a quick rejoinder to anyone who claims that money in politics unfairly helps the GOP. Of the top 25 biggest donors, sixteen of them contribute heavily to Democratic candidates, five contribute fairly equally to […]

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