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Snookered: Budget deal only really cuts $14.7B

April 12, 2011


Grumbling has grown over the tiny nature of cuts reached in the recent deal to avoid a government shutdown. It’s sure to gain even more intensity after analysis shows that a lot of the cuts were accounting tricks and on programs that the President wanted to cut anyway. The upsetting bottom line – if you’re […]

Gov’t shutdown thwarted by last-minute deal

April 8, 2011


As the minutes ticked closer to a partial government shutdown at midnight on Friday, Congressional negotiators were continuing to work to get a deal. With little more than an hour to go, it appears that a compromise has been struck, resulting in $39 billion in cuts for FY 2011 and a deal to vote on […]

Smell the bipartisanship: Obama calls GOP “hostage-takers”

December 7, 2010


In a defensive press conference this afternoon, President Obama huffed and puffed about somehow being forced into compromising with Republicans on the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, trying to sell the deal to a liberal base that has exploded in rage over his flip-flop on vowing to raise the top tax rates. Trying to […]

Class warfare and the tax hike fight

December 2, 2010


With Senate Republicans vowing to a member to block any legislation until tax rates are addressed, the lame duck Congressional session has now been temporarily dominated by the debate over the expiring Bush tax cuts. Republicans want them all extended, keeping tax rates at their current level across the board, while Democrats only want to […]

GOP takes control of House with pickup of at least 60 seats

November 3, 2010


In the largest wave since 1948, Republicans successfully flipped at least 60 Democratic Congressional seats to coast to a healthy majority in the House of Representatives. Several races are still up in the air at this late hour, but Republicans more than surpassed the 39 seats they needed to assume control. John Boehner of Ohio […]

House barely sneaks home after failing to act on tax cuts

September 29, 2010


The House vote to adjourn until after the November¬†elections took a surprising turn when House Minority Leader John Boehner took to the floor and urged Congress not to adjourn until it had acted in one manner or another on the extension or expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts. In response, Nancy Pelosi was forced into […]

Obama slings mud and fire in Ohio

September 8, 2010


President Obama has finally dropped all his false pretense of conciliatory partisanship in a campaign speech in Parma, OH today in which he railed hard against GOP Minority Leader John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans in an effort to prop up his party’s sagging poll numbers. From the New York Times: Seeking to […]