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The Curious Case of Timothy Tebow

December 28, 2011


Nestled in a strange nexus between sports, pop culture, politics, and religion one finds a debate raging about Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow that, like all things regarding the quarterback, has been overhyped and blown out of proportion. It seems the issue at hand isn’t Tebow’s style of play – though that has assuredly been atrocious at […]

A “conservative” Bible? Give me a break

October 6, 2009


Rod Dreher tells us about the folks at Conservapedia that have begun the Conservative Bible Project, which seeks to erase the “liberal bias” that has apparently crept into modern translations of the Bible. The creators of the project complain about a Bible that’s dumbed-down, too ambiguous and wordy, and lacking, no kidding, free market parables. Execution of their plan […]