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No shuttle coming to Dayton’s Air Force Museum

April 12, 2011


The hopes of an entire state were dashed today as NASA announced the homes for the retiring space shuttles. Florida, California, New York, and DC get the shuttles – leaving Dayton, OH and the Air Force Museum out in the cold. NASA Administrator Charles M. Bolden made the announcement at an afternoon press conference, tearing […]

Sherrod Brown wants reconciliation vote on health care

February 16, 2010


Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was one of four signatories to a letter sent to Harry Reid calling for Senate Democrats to use reconciliation to push through a public option health care reform bill. For those unfamiliar, reconciliation is a parliamentary procedure that requires only 51 votes for passage of strictly budgetary items. It has been […]

Sen. Sherrod Brown tied to ACORN in Congressional report

July 24, 2009


  Sherrod Brown, Senator from Ohio, has been named along with former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in a report on ACORN issued by Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (heads-up from Right Ohio). The report alleges that ACORN, a recipient of taxpayer money, donated money and personnel to promote a partisan political agenda in […]

Ohio’s Voinovich to retire from Senate

January 12, 2009


Senator George Voinovich, the senior Republican Senator from my own state of Ohio, will apparently announce his retirement from the Senate at the completion of his term. His term expires in 2010, which makes him a lame duck for the next year and half, but also gives the Ohio GOP enough of a heads-up to vet […]