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Obama ventures into offshore drilling

March 31, 2010


President Obama announced today his intention to open up 167 million acres of ocean off the Eastern Seaboard to offshore drilling leases, though actual drilling would most likely not take place for several more years. Areas off the coast of Alaska and the entire Pacific coast would remain off-limits to drilling, and new oil rigs […]

Major companies warn of massive new health care costs

March 29, 2010


A series of major American companies disclosed the substantial hits they anticipate they’ll take in the wake of the passage of health care reform last week. John Deere estimates it will take a $150 million hit this year, and Caterpillar believes it will cost an additional $100 million in expenses. AT&T expects additional expenses of […]

Chavez arrests last opposition media chief

March 26, 2010


  Hugo Chavez has tightened control over the Venezuelan media with the arrest of Guillermo Zuloaga in an airport today. Zuloaga is the owner of Globovision, the only remaining anti-Chavez channel operating since RCTV was booted from Venezuelan airwaves in 2007. The crime of Zuloaga? He made remarks “offensive to the President” when he said that Chavez was suppressing […]

Short-term benefits, long-term shortfalls of health care passage

March 23, 2010


In the media afterglow of the historic signing of the health care reform bill, the immediate advantages of the legislation’s passage are rightfully being highlighted in news reports and analyses. Children cannot now be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and insurers cannot drop their clients because they get sick. No matter how you felt […]

Health care reform passes House

March 21, 2010


By a final House vote tally of 219-212, Democrats succeeded in pushing through the Senate’s health care bill. The key switch came just this morning as Bart Stupak caved and announced his support for the legislation in return for … a promise of an Executive Order from President Obama. In return, the Susan B. Anthony […]

Deem and pass, health care, and the failure of leadership

March 18, 2010


With the release of the CBO’s preliminary report, the stage is set for the House to move on its health care reform bill by Sunday. The failure of a Republican resolution to block the Slaughter Strategy means that the “deem and pass” method of enacting legislation remains strongly on the table. And some early “yes” […]

Fact-check on insurance premiums and healthcare reform

March 17, 2010


Much has been made about how insurance premiums will be positive affected by the health care bill being shepherded through the House at this hour. But  the Associated Press writes a fact-check article that finds that, despite promises made by the President to the contrary, premiums will continue to increase under the new bill: Premiums are likely to […]