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“Liberal gene” has now been isolated

October 28, 2010


It sounds either ridiculous or ripped from the pages of a futuristic sci-fi dystopia – but apparently it’s true. Scientists from UC-San Diego and Harvard are claiming that they have isolated a so-called “liberal gene.” The technical explanation is that those who have a specific variant of a dopamine receptor called DRD4 are likely to […]

Joy Behar doubles down on ugly in the war on women of the right

October 27, 2010


A minor firestorm erupted yesterday when Joy Behar, co-host of The View, criticized a campaign ad by Nevada Republican Sharron Angle, implying the ad was racist. She then fired off a tirade that included the following lovely statements: “You know what I’d like to see her do? I’d like to see her do this ad […]

Chavez takes over Venezuelan plants of OH company

October 26, 2010


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced today that his government would be expropriating the plants operated in his country by Ohio-based Owens-Illinois, a world leader in glass bottle manufacturing. It’s not the first nor certainly the last time that Chavez has nationalized foreign assets as a means of sustaining his leftist populist agenda. Chavez was somewhat […]

One last look at the Juan Williams/NPR fiasco

October 25, 2010


I have purposefully refrained from commenting on the dust-up over Juan Williams’ firing from NPR after comments he made on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News – mainly to just get a little space from the emotional reactions from both sides. A brief refresher on the statements that earned Williams the ax: Appearing Monday on […]

Obama: Voters aren’t “thinking clearly”

October 18, 2010


With prospects of electoral losses looming, President Obama has taken to the campaign trail in the final weeks of the midterm election cycle to push hard for Democratic candidates in states he won just two years ago. Speaking at a Massachusetts fundraiser on Saturday, the President made remarks that at once speak to a political […]

Chamber of Commerce smear the final nail in Dem coffin

October 12, 2010


With no compelling message to sell voters on rewarding them with a continuation of their power, Democrats have seized upon an Internet meme and seemingly transformed it into their campaign theme. ThinkProgress, a liberal-leaning blog, published a post a few days ago speculating that the US Chamber of Commerce was using foreign money to spend […]

Plouffe plays the expectation game

October 11, 2010


After first claiming that Democrats were beginning to make a comeback and could be expected to fare better on November 2nd, it seems that the new strategy is to hype up massive and unrealistic GOP gains with the goal of ridiculing the failure to achieve that level as somehow a massive repudiation. President Obama’s 2008 […]