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Ohio House passes Senate Bill 5

March 30, 2011


Another hurdle was surmounted in the saga of the controversial Ohio Senate Bill 5 as the Ohio House passed a modified version of the public employee union reform bill that passed the Ohio Senate a few weeks ago. The Senate now has to vote on the changes, and it’s widely expected to pass there without too […]

Former Rep. Tony Hall leading anti-budget cut fast

March 28, 2011


A former local Congressman is coming back into the spotlight with his method of protesting proposed Republican spending cuts. After representing Dayton and Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District for 22 years, former Rep. Tony Hall is leading several anti-hunger organizations in a fast that begins tomorrow to register his anger at budget cuts that target foreign […]

Dems benefit more from big donors of the last 20 years

March 27, 2011


Open Secrets, studying FEC data, has compiled a list of the top 140 donors since 1989, and the rundown should serve as a quick rejoinder to anyone who claims that money in politics unfairly helps the GOP. Of the top 25 biggest donors, sixteen of them contribute heavily to Democratic candidates, five contribute fairly equally to […]

Crisis of relevancy for Wellsy’s World

March 24, 2011


So it’s been four months since my last post, and this is the first post of 2011. To say that I have been unmotivated to blog would be a massive understatement – indeed, it’s almost a slog to write this post. Still, I feel like I ought to write down what’s going through my head right […]