The author of Wellsy’s World is rocking Twitter

Posted on July 4, 2012


Hey folks,

I realize that this place has been sort of a ghost blog for a while, mainly due to distractions and the ratio of increasing time to keep up with a quality blog and the seeminly decreasing rate of any kind of return on the investment.

I hope you don’t think, however, that I’ve simply stopped caring about what’s going on. Far from it! In fact, I’ve found in the past six months that Twitter has been a good way to both comment about the news of the day and interact with others about it. Throw in a healthy dose of humor and you have my Twitter feed in a nutshell.

If any of you are inclined, please follow me-  @jonathanrwells on Twitter. I’d be glad to have you as a follower.

As for this blog, stay tuned, there may be some new things coming down the pike very soon to make things more interesting …


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