Who is Wellsy, and why does he have a World?

A few quick facts about me: I’m a 28-year-old husband and father of one beautiful daughter residing the great Buckeye state of Ohio. My day job is in the microbiology field, I have played guitar for 13 years, and aspire to one day write science fiction novels. I’m Catholic and tend to be conservative in most of my views, but by no means do I bear blind allegiance to a political party. I love football, and I’m a fan of The Ohio State University, an alumnus of Wright State University, and a long-suffering supporter of the Cincinnati Bengals. I very much appreciate an irreverent, even sarcastic, sense of humor, but I also respect the importance of gravitas and those things which demand it.

Wellsy’s World came into existence in late November 2008, and exists primarily for two reasons:

1) For a personal therapeutic benefit; instead of my previous habit of internalizing a desire to burst out an argument at news and opinions throughout the world, this blog provides an avenue through which I can release those thoughts and emotions that the world brings out in all of us.

2) To provide a thoughtful conservative viewpoint on the issues of the day. Various caricatures and misconceptions exist about conservatives, and I hope to dispel some of them by keeping an open mind and by debating with facts and arguments, not name-calling and demonization.

Politics and news is the main thrust of this blog, but I’ll also share cool science and tech stories, and comment on significant cultural touchstones that shape us as a people.

Wellsy’s World is unashamedly conservative, but I strive to keep an open mind on all things, and I’d encourage any civil disagreement (or uncivil agreement) any of you would care to express. In any case, whether you agree or disagree, I hope my postings will give you something to think about for a few moments during your day.

Thanks for stopping by, and you’re welcome back any time.

6 Responses “Who is Wellsy, and why does he have a World?” →

  1. Jerry Galloway

    February 12, 2009

    wellsy, from MichelleMalkin.com, I’ve been reading that site for months, and Michelle’s stuff since the JWR days. The BEST posters are on her blog, but she’s not accepting newcomers. Any way you could put in a “good word” for me?

    Chap makes reasonable posts (for a commie lol!) and the quality of posts is just superb. Beats the PANTS off of Townhall.com – even the trolls are reasoned and civilized.

    Well, maybe not lgm, but….

    • Hey Jerry, hope you stop back to check out this reply. Michelle only does open comment registration for brief windows every so often – I believe it’s to cut down on the spammers and weirdos, and that’s probably one reason for the high quality of posters. I agree with you about the reasoned nature of the discussion there, and that’s why I watched and waited until I could sign up. Unfortunately, by no means do I have enough sway to put in a good word for ya, though I’d like to, but you’re more than welcome to come around here and comment with your thoughts. Take it easy and talk to you later.

  2. I can’t recall ever reading a more cogent and well spoken comment anywhere as yours at Malkin’s.

    Damned fine job.

    Make your sidebars smaller and write more.


  3. renaissanceguy

    February 25, 2009

    Your blog looks very good. It’s right up my alley. Keep up the good work.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and enjoy it very much. Don’t ever let “them”, the naysayers, shush you. More folks your age need to wake up and see what is really going on with these liberal ideas and programs being shoved down our throats.
    Thanks for taking the time to reflect and write.


  5. bjulman

    June 15, 2010

    I always wanted a place to check in on a balanced conservative viewpoint, a place at which I could find intelligent discourse on the (mostly) opposite end of the political spectrum. I’m glad to say that I found that place here…established by an old friend, no less. Keep up the good work.


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