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  1. Come join Wake Up America. Some interesting and thought provoking articles for people like us, who are Fed up with Fed.

    Dennis,aka Skeezix

  2. I don’t see how you can deny the racism attendant with the anti-Obama “usurper” movement. I’ve never seen a bunch of people get all riled up about a government which for a change wants to do something for the working man… the common man. But we’re all so brainwashed by the military-industrial complex that we will rail against our own best interests. The Tea-Party cultist is only a step away from the bonafide Ku Klux Klan. Thanks for your efforts in screwing up our country.

    • I can deny it because I’m not talking about the birthers or the usurpers, I’m talking about the people who have genuine concerns over the policy directions of the Obama administration. It’s horribly misguided to paint everyone who opposes Obama as racist, and it’s even more misguided to think people don’t have their own best interests in mind when they express an opinion contrary to the ruling party line.

      I’m sorry you think I’m screwing up the country, but the truth is that I just want what’s best for this nation, the same as most people. We just have different ways of getting there, I guess, but if it’s more convenient for you to think of me as brainwashed and racist so you can blithely disregard a point of view, then who am I to stop you?

      • You’re right. I shouldn’t make a judgement of someone I don’t know (except by your political pov). But you know… I can guess about who you are. That’s a fun game to play. I’d bet

        a) You voted for George Bush
        b) You’ve never been to

        … and these things, if I’m actually right, pretty much tell me who you are.

        It is true there is a conspiracy in this country. It is a conspiracy of economic slavery and keeping us all in our place. The conspiracy is abetted by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News network. But requires witting believers and dupes… people who don’t check facts.

        Bud Houston

      • *sigh*
        Actually, I have been to, and I link mainly to mainstream news sites, not kooky fringe sites. And guilty as charged, I did vote for Bush. Not crazy about the guy, but I did vote for him. I guess that discredits about half the country in your eyes then. I can tell from your comment that based on two factors, you’re willing to wildly generalize about someone’s character based solely on their political beliefs.

        And that, sir, tells me an awful lot about you.

      • Yep. Bush was an idiot who only looked after his cronies. He pretty much screwed the working man, the environment, civil liberties, the economy, world peace… Oh, you name it he screwed it.

        So an interesting conundrum we have here, you and I. We both know the beast in the other where in another world we might have shared a beer together and looked one another in the eye rationally.

        But we have a new environment created in this country. It is an environment of hate and fear and crazy brother against brother rhetoric. Do you really think it’s the democrats who did this? Be real man.

        They say there’s nothing new under the sun. Today’s environment has a few parallels in history. I’d like to make an analogy to the rabble rule of the French revolution. But the analogy doesn’t hold up much. We could look at the growing sentiment of “tea-party” Republican like the rise of fascism and the nazi movement in Europe about 80 years ago. There’s a parallel in existing conditions today (as a once proud and rich people faced economic ruin). I could also draw analogy to the MacCarthy era of 60 years ago. But the crazies aren’t in power, as they were then.

        All I know friend, is that something bad is going to happen. It’s like an old Chinese curse… may you live in interesting times. It’s hard to make history. Otoh, it’s impossible to avoid living in it.

        Bud Houston

      • The point I was trying to make in my original post here, which I think is what got you riled in the first place, is that racial demagoguery, which seems to sadly be the purview of some Democrats these days, doesn’t help anyone, particularly when it’s aimed against a wide swath of people that probably don’t deserve it. And I’d be very careful about likening all the Tea Partiers to Nazis and fascists. That said, I hope from this small exchange you can glean I’m a reasonable person, and reasonable can disagree without being racists, Nazis and fascists. I call it like I see it, and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I’m no thug and no racist. And I think something will happen too. I think a lot of people are getting that feeling.

        In any case, I’m all for sharing a beer, you usually can’t go wrong with that. Maybe we could talk about football. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your article about Zelaya´s return to Honduras. It’s hard to understand how other governments support him and have no respect for our laws, our constitution, our new president. You are right, all Manuel Zelaya cares about is power. Thank you again and please keep writting, it’s amazing how little people care about peace and democracy.

  4. Hi,
    I am a young portrait artist from Barbados an it is my wish to put a piece together with a number of portraits of important black men..I see the image u have of President Obama an i would like to ask your permission to use it as it may be copyrighted. My intension isnt to sell it but to make it apart of my portfolio. If this is possible many thanks if not keep up the good work.



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