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The Curious Case of Timothy Tebow

December 28, 2011


Nestled in a strange nexus between sports, pop culture, politics, and religion one finds a debate raging about Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow that, like all things regarding the quarterback, has been overhyped and blown out of proportion. It seems the issue at hand isn’t Tebow’s style of play – though that has assuredly been atrocious at […]

Politics and #OWS on Facebook

October 27, 2011


Yesterday I read a 60-comment debate on Facebook about the Occupy Wall Street protests. Actually calling it a debate would be rather generous – it was mostly “teabagger” this and “Fox News that.” The whole thing was started with a someone posting a panel of Captain America saying to stand your ground and captioning the […]

Snookered: Budget deal only really cuts $14.7B

April 12, 2011


Grumbling has grown over the tiny nature of cuts reached in the recent deal to avoid a government shutdown. It’s sure to gain even more intensity after analysis shows that a lot of the cuts were accounting tricks and on programs that the President wanted to cut anyway. The upsetting bottom line – if you’re […]

Tea Party signs lead to MI park ban

April 11, 2011


The city of Coldwater, MI finds itself the subject of a federal lawsuit after its city manager, Jeff Budd, found Tea Party signs “too political” and “too controversial” and banned all signs and banners as a result. The complaint (found here) was filed by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of the Common Sense Patriots […]

Gov’t shutdown thwarted by last-minute deal

April 8, 2011


As the minutes ticked closer to a partial government shutdown at midnight on Friday, Congressional negotiators were continuing to work to get a deal. With little more than an hour to go, it appears that a compromise has been struck, resulting in $39 billion in cuts for FY 2011 and a deal to vote on […]

Left gets punked in WI judicial election

April 7, 2011


After all the spectacle and ugliness surrounding the Wisconsin collective bargaining battle, the left transferred their rage over being stymied by Gov. Scott Walker toward a judicial election over a spot on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Incumbent David Prosser, who leans conservative, was being challenged by JoAnne Kloppenburg, the Democrats’ choice. The stakes are control of […]

Ohio House passes Senate Bill 5

March 30, 2011


Another hurdle was surmounted in the saga of the controversial Ohio Senate Bill 5 as the Ohio House passed a modified version of the public employee union reform bill that passed the Ohio Senate a few weeks ago. The Senate now has to vote on the changes, and it’s widely expected to pass there without too […]