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Tea Party signs lead to MI park ban

April 11, 2011


The city of Coldwater, MI finds itself the subject of a federal lawsuit after its city manager, Jeff Budd, found Tea Party signs “too political” and “too controversial” and banned all signs and banners as a result. The complaint (found here) was filed by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of the Common Sense Patriots […]

NJ Dem planted Tea Party candidate as spoiler

October 8, 2010


Incumbent Democratic Rep. John Adler is facing a tough reelection battle against Republican Jon Runyan in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District – RealClearPolitics shows the freshman Congressman with a narrow 4-point lead. What complicates the picture is the campaign of a third-party candidate Peter DeStefano under the Tea Party banner, currently pulling between 4 and 7 points to […]

Conservative racial stereotypes summed up in one article

September 29, 2010


In the world of political rhetoric, there’s thoughtful commentary, blistering polemics, softball critiques … and what Steven Thrasher published today in the Village Voice. The title of the article is “White America Has Lost Its Mind,” and it’s all downhill from there as Thrasher seems only somewhat tongue-in-cheek in going on a 5-page race-baiting rant […]

O’Donnell wins in DE and everyone freaks out

September 15, 2010


Anyone that follows politics even in the slightest has likely read and heard much in the last few weeks regarding the hotly contested Republican primary in Delaware between establishment candidate Mike Castle and Tea Party upstart Christine O’Donnell. In a blue state that sent VP Biden to the Senate, most people figured that moderate Castle […]

Murkowski concedes AK Senate race

September 1, 2010


Quelling any GOP fears of a long and drawn-out primary fight, incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski conceded the Republican nomination to Joe Miller, a Fairbanks attorney who was endorsed by former governor Sarah Palin. Fears of an independent run appear squashed since the AK Libertarian Party has declined to deem Murkowski their candidate. I give credit […]

Don’t use the Austin plane crash for political smearing

February 18, 2010


The big news today is the deliberate crash of a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX where 200 people worked. The pilot, Joseph Black, was upset with taxes, among other things, and appears to have left a lengthy suicide note/manifesto that we assume is authentic. Black was quite obviously a nutcase, yet the nature […]

Obama’s “belt-tightening” just useless spin

April 20, 2009


President Barack Obama, in a bid to appear more fiscally responsible, today told his Cabinet to look into finding ways to save $100 million. The article is a wire news report that is harshly scathing in its analysis, indicating Patterico is right when he says the media honeymoon may be ending fast. Here’s the problem […]